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President Bob Harrington While working for another company Bob spoke on database technology at several large conventions and seminars using FileMaker Pro. Teaching these seminars lead Bob to start a technology business building FileMaker systems to run different types of Companies. To bring this information to all, Bob partnered with Centennial Media to create FileMaker Pro training CD's that offered beginner & advanced training.   ** To order CD's via email... click on the training tab.

Programmer Steffan Cline Lasso Programmer and developer, one of the main architects of the Stork Avenue web site specializing in Lasso CGI frameware to connect to all types of databases.

Programmer Jon Gales PHP Programmer and developer with expert resources on databases driven web site design. His work includes and with the focus on the backend customer image storage area and customer admin area.

Programmer Rob Moon FileMaker programmer and developer. specializing it small business application development. Has worked on time slip and employee management databases with connection to SQL links from FileMaker.